What are NSE and BSE?

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NSE and BSE – two of India’s most preferred stock exchanges. What are they? Find out more in this video.


What are NSE and BSE? NSE and BSE are the two major stock exchanges in India. Much like a one-stop shop for, say the latest gadgets, A stock exchange is a centralized location where you can buy or sell the stocks listed. The BSE, established in 1875, is India’s oldest stock exchange. The NSE, established in 1992, is India’s biggest stock exchange. There are around 4,000 shares listed on the BSE. And around 1,600 shares listed on the NSE. The top 30 shares on the BSE make up its benchmark index – SENSEX. And the top 50 shares on the NSE make up its benchmark index – NIFTY 50. What are these indices? Well, as you've seen in the previous chapter, they are indicators that help you measure the market or a section of it. To learn all about trading on the stock exchange, continue with the upcoming chapters on Smart Money from Angel Broking.